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it been bad lately

my mind is running overdrive, and no matter how much weed I smoke, listen to music, or anything else, it keeps going

it sucks not being able to fall asleep because you're thinking about everything and absolutely nothing at the same time

I guess it's hard for me because I look at my roommates and see how their studying to be a lawyer or an accountant, and what the fuck am I doing? I still have no idea what the fuck I want to do with my life. The only thing I know is that I want to do something with music for a career.

then I try to tell myself that not everyone who gets out of college is automatically successful. I look at my parents, my dad especially. He had a rough life, not very successful at first, but now he's happier than ever and owns his own company.

I dunno

This could just be me thinking about shit again. I try and tell myself to shut up.

and hopefully I'll listen to myself
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